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Gro Pro has been specifically tailored to provide growers with the most up to date gardening information and a selection of tools to ensure your garden flourishes.

Quickly diagnose, treat and prevent your gardening issues using our vast image gallery and detailed explanations of pests, diseases, environmental stresses and control options.

Track your gardens progress and set tasks using your personal password protected calendar. Utilize the garden exporter, moon calendar, unit conversion calculator, green garden light, journal, charts and measurements, weather, and much more!

Submit a photo or email a question about your problem and our horticultural experts will provide you with professional advice to help identify and solve your gardening issues.

We are constantly striving to provide our users with a top quality app, we provide regular updates and new features! 


LOCATE A STORE: Find hydroponic stores and garden centers in your area quickly!

EVENTS: View all the latest local and international gardening events, post comments and share pictures. Submit and share your favorite events too!

CHAT: Connect! Internet isn't required, although it is recommended as you can now read and share comments, connect with Facebook and Twitter and share via email and text message.

SUBMIT: Add your own events, locations, garden issues and resolutions!

 PROBLEM IDENTIFIER: Having difficulty solving a gardening issue Send a photo and/or ask a question and our horticultural experts will work with you to get the problem fixed.

CHARTS AND MEASUREMENTS: Make your garden thrive! Utilize the Leaf Analysis chart, Liquid Measurement Conversion chart, pH Scale chart, PPM Measurement chart, Nutrient Availability chart and Light Spectrum chart.

GALLERY: Quickly diagnose garden deficiencies, pests and diseases using our ever increasing collection of images.

IDENTIFY & SOLVE: Quickly figure out what is wrong in your garden and the best way to restore your plants to full health.

CONTROLS: Detailed explanations of organic, homemade and brand name products to treat your garden issues.

GARDEN SCHEDULER: Track, monitor and record your gardens important information with your personal, password protected calendar.

GARDEN PROGRESS EXPORTER: Track and export your gardens progress, delivered directly to an email of your choice.

GREEN GARDEN LIGHT: Protect your garden at night by using this gentle green light to view your plants.

UNIT CONVERSION CALCULATOR: Easily convert volume capacity, light, heat, length and many more.

WEATHER: Set your personal weather forecast.

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